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  • A Consummate Performer.

    "I still can't say I know what 'it'  is... but if that guy doesn't have some, nobody does"
    -Edward Lachman, D.P., 'Carol' (2015)

    A little history...

    STEVEN ANDREWS is an American-born, English-taught actor, classically trained tenor and Princeton English faculty educated screenwriter who has recently broken into the major motion picture and television market after formative years in independent film, opera, musical theatre, in jazz clubs and on the New York stage.

    Performing since the young age of eight, STEVEN was born to a centuries' old family lineage in the rolling hills and pastoral farms of the Ohio Valley and developed an early interest in the arts. After focusing his grade school years on the development of his talents through varied experiences in musical and stage theatre as well as within the realms of visual art, voice-over, dance, screenwriting, and instrumental music, he migrated north to attend internationally renown conservatory of performing arts The Cleveland Institute of Music for a foundation year of training; then took to New York City to begin his career where he worked under the sharp eye and tutelage of Ruth Kulerman: a Juilliard graduate, English-schooled actress, and Princeton University professor of Literature running a highly selective private studio after her over 5 decades of work in motion picture and on the Broadway and West End stages.
    STEVEN is a specialist in historical and period performance and has a decade of historic and modern firearms handling from the 1790 Kentucky Rifle to the tactical arms of the 21st century, as well as nearly six years of equestrian, stunt and stage fight training to supplement his now nearly eighteen years of acting and classical & contemporary music study.

    MR. ANDREWS cut his teeth on an intensive 30-day shoot in West Virginia as one of twelve principal background performers forming a trusted unit of reusable near-camera military personnel to fill scenes in J.J. Abrams' throwback thriller 'Super 8', during which he had hours of immersion training and the opportunity to form lasting friendships with members of the cast and crew, a number of whom affectionately referred to him as "Doc Hollywood" after the lesser-known 1991 Micheal J. Fox picture. In 2015 he made his Major Motion Picture Principal debut opposite Rooney Mara in 'Carol', acclaimed director Todd Haynes' critically-beloved adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel "The Price of Salt" starring Cate Blanchette, Kyle Chandler, and Sarah Paulson and shot by enigmatic Cinematographer Ed Lachman. This year he will make his voice acting debut in Amazon distributed animated short "Maggie's Last Stand" produced by A Show for a Change Productions and Jared Milrad, J.D.
  • Selected and Recent Credits

    "I was looking at the screen in front of J.J., and it was a two-shot with Steve in the foreground... and I just thought, how can this kid not become a matinee idol?"
    -Susan Yeager, Location Casting, 'Super-8' (2010)

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    Carol (Killer Films, weinstein co.)
    ny times clerk (co-star/Day-player)
    Dir. Todd Haynes, w/ cate blanchette, rooney mara, kyle chandler
    Super 8 (Bad Robot, Paramount)
    82nd Airborne (30-Day Recur. BKGND.)
    Dir. J.J. Abrams, Exec. Prd. Steven Speilberg
    w/ Kyle Chandler, Roland Emmerich
    MAGGIE'S LAST STAND (amazon)
    David ( starring Lead, v/o)
    jared milrad, a show for a change productions. animation by:
    Fun Size (Paramount, Fake Empire)
    SNL Justin Timberlake Skit
    Dir. Josh Schwartz, w/ Chelsea Handler, Johnny Knoxville
    Capsized (Independent- UCLA, NYU)
    Gabe (Co-Starring Lead)
    Dubai Film Festival Honoree
    The New Labor Party (Castor-UK)
    Grant Kemp, (Lead, Prime Minister Blair's Assistant)
    Columbia Univ. Film School Presentation
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    The Hat Left Behind
    The Reporter (Lead)
    Songs for a New World (Jason Robert Brown)
    Billy (Main Cast- One of 4 lead vocalists)
    Off-Off B'way, The Chocolate Factory
    Serenade to Music (Ralph Vaughn Williams)
    Tenor Soloist & Ensemble Section Lead
    The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleve. Orch. Chorus
    Parade & The History Boys (in-Rep.)
    Leo Frank (Lead) / Posner (Supporting)
    Davis Center for the Arts (Summer Stock)
  • My Approach to Acting:

    As both a performer and a promoter, I wake each day looking for new ways to connect myself and my thoughts with other people's imaginations. The greatest joy of a film set, for me, is that each person; from the director, the leading actors, and the cinematographer down to the omelet chef at craft services and the college intern wrapping electrical tape around spools of wire, is an absolutely essential contributor to the shoot, the environment, and the overall project.
    I source my inspiration for what I do and how I audition from poets, musicians, philanthropists, politicians, world historians and great performers past; and through an open-minded examination of their process and varied experience, I use a wide mixture of my own skills, interests, and disciplines to create characters as eclectic and diverse as any human and to inform the role and bring an honest and natural narrative into being. And the rest is up to placing my trust in the many experts around me to approach their work with just as much love and integrity. The challenge is daunting, but the reward is living in a world beyond my wildest dreams- and when given the chance- to work every day to make yours come to life.
    "He that would live in peace and at ease,
    Must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees"
    -Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac


    It's important to me to grow through giving. In addition to teaching young actors and singers at camps and clinics, I regularly volunteer time or funding to a few favorite charitable groups such as FEED USA, The National Center for Bullying Prevention, The Wounded Warrior Project, National & Local NPR Radio Stations, WBEZ Chicago, Save the Music, The 4H-Clubs of Ohio, The Boy Scouts of America, The Trevor Project, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


    Sometimes a brush with destiny is called for- and I've had a few: in the past two decades I've flipped a car sideways into a ditch- twice, slashed a wrist on glass nearly bleeding to death, narrowly escaped a small-propeller airplane crash, and boarded the last flight into New York City 3 hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall. I've shattered both the radius & ulna bones in my left forearm, broken and self-reset two fingers, and have once awoken in a 900ft. suspended hammock in Red River Gorge, Kentucky to find my tail rope nearly severed!


    I rely heavily on academia for creation: I have a predilection for college admissions and have applied and been accepted to nearly 50 elite schools, only for the challenge. I studied and tested into the American Psychiatric Association without a degree in Psychology so I could get their newsletter, and I am a politics addict: I read a yearly Presidential biography, pour over backed issues of The Economist, and never start the day without a dose of my favorite opposition analysts on MSNBC's "Morning Joe". 
  • Education, Coaching & Specialties

    "By the time we're done here, you'll be the most authentic rider in all Hollywood's Westerns"
    -Kim Rafeld, 3-Time World Champion Barrel Rider, Equestrian Coach

    Dr. Ruth Kulerman
    Professor, English Lit. Princeton

    -Acting/Dialects for Stage & Screen
    -Self Representation & Audition
    -The Business of Acting
    -British Techniques and Voicing
    -Kulerman Private Studio, NYC/UK

    Cleveland Institute of Music
    David Bamberger, Cliff Billions

    -Vocal Performance: Opera, Jazz. Pop-Rock, Theatrical & Foundation
    -Music Theory, Eurythmics, Vocal Pedagogy, Art/Music History, World Music, Theatre History

    New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
    Private Lesson Student, NYC

    -Vocal Improvisation
    -Jazz Voice Performance
    -Contemporary & Jazz Analysis


    Tom Hanks, Actor/Producer
    Great Lakes Theatre Festival Masterclass and Interview
    Geoffry Soffer, Producer
    "Demystifying Auditioning for Television"
    Doc Severinsen, Trumpet Soloist
    "Working for Your Performances and Knowing How to Give Your Best"
    Vinson Cole, Tenor Vocalist
    Tenor Vocal & Performance Masterclass
    Frederica von Stade, Mezzo-Soprano
    Vocal Masterclass
    David Mamet, Playwright
    "Reading What the Writer Wants To Hear"
    Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathaway
    "Branding for the Brilliant and Infusing Self Promotion with Power"

    Exceptionally Prepared for Performance in Westerns, Historic Period Films,
    Political Thriller &
    Musical Theatre Pictures

    -Equestrian Training w/ 3-Time World Champion Barrel Rider
    -10 Years Live Firearms Training
    -5 Years Muzzleload/Historic Arms
    -Formal Masque & Mime Training
    -Drama Coach/Performance Lecturer
    -Legit/Pop Belt/Jazz/Rock Vocalist
    -Trained in Jazz Improvisation
    -Broadcast Experience, and Teleprompter/ Earprompter Capable
    -Soundtracking /Recording Experience
    -Hand-to-Hand Combat Training
    -Excellent Long-Term Memory
    -99th Percentile I.Q. Score
    -Defensive Driving Trained
    -Fast Sprint-Runner
    -Weight Lifting to 300 lbs.
    -Excellent Tennis Player
    -Capable Orchestral/Choral Conductor
    -Works Well with Students/Actors of Any Age
    -U.S. & British Historical Scholar

    Trained to Expert-Level by English Masters

    -American Southern
    (Rhotic, Texas/Eastern Louisiana, Ozarks)
    -American Southern
    (Rhotic Appalachian, Southern Plains)
    -American Southern
    (Non-Rhotic 'Bible Belt' States)
    -Cockney British

    -London British
    -Historic Devon British (Cornish)
    -Irish (Northern/Southern)
    -New York (Brooklyn/Long Island)
    -Boston (Southey/Northern Mass)
    -Coastal Western American (Northern California/Oregon)
    -Australian (Sydney)
    (San Diego/Baja/Borderlands)
    -French-American Dialect (Parisian/Provinces)
    -Eastern European (German/Hungarian)
    -Russian (Moscow)
    -Historical Trans-Atlantic/ Middle-English (USA Circa. 1920-1950's)
    -Historical Mid-atlantic American
    (Revolution, Civil War, Reconstuction)
    -Historical Irish-American Immigrant
    (Industrial Revolution)
    -Historical U.S. "Radio Voice" familiarized by the break-in broadcasters of WWII.
  • Voice-Over & Audition Tape Reels

    Every audition opportunity a pure, unadulterated performance. No "Movie Magic" needed here.


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